8 July 2006

why me?

Hi there...
You see that Pic on the side there?.. Sometimes I feel like Yelling that to Certain People on MSN Messenger..... People..If you are on my end you would understand why I'm writing this... I was there online minding My own Beeswax when out of the Blue This Dude added me and he was Chatting ok Till he Popped out of Nowhere with one of the "Smartest" Questions Known to Mankind... "Umm....Do you have Msn messenger?"
I was thinking to myself at that point.. *.....No I use Smoke Signals to communicate (¬_¬ ") * And there are two other People.... I Can't try Sleep to save my Life.. My various Usernames on Msn Never seem to work..
"Fuck off... I'm sleeping
Attempting to Sleep "Don't Disturb meh"
Napping "Send E-Mail not IM" <<>

The Feedback is painful......
Hey what are you doing?
Are you awake?
heelllooo? Speak to me
User X has sent you a nudge [x3]

4 and 5 windows open with that is not a cool thing If you comp is moving slow after 2-3 Scans.. TT_TT

well b4 I Rant my arse off again I shall stop there

On to better things


err............ Nothing Better at the moment..... ^^; Sayonara Dudes n' Dudettes

Stare @ this If you want to


lady kartel said...

WTF!"Umm....Do you have Msn messenger?" on fuckin msn WTF!!!!!! os that dude kinda deet duh dee? and those ppl askin if yuh sleepin when clearly u said in ur msg YUH SLEEPIN! AHHHHHHHHHHH i hate it lol. happens to me on yahoo all the time. like some ppl jus dont get it or wha? are some that airheaded? jeezanages lawd ah mercy! lemme go yes. as in the words of foamy 'FUCKIN STUPID PPL!'

Stellar[X]Shinn said...

Ya think m8.. Sometimes I feel they do it for Spite... =_=

lady kartel said...

tru tru. but still DAMN!