15 July 2006

^_^ hehe.

Hello All... i'm Just sitting Here Bored as Hell figuring out why i got teh blooming cold with a series of nosebleeds and one blackout.. Sometime last week T_T Other than that everything is *sarcastic*whoopty-fucking-doo-dee-good*/sarcastic* Being Annoyed By 2 different Types of Cockroaches.. The Human ones and those Funky Looking small ones.
Well I guess i'm bored again.. dunno what to do at this moment... gave up all my energy.. doing a 700 piece Puzzle and attempting to make cute Ribbons for all 4 Doggies.... ya.. that bored.. =.=.. try being @ home benig called all the time for sumthing that is right next to the Person who wants it....*gripes* ahh well I guess that's all for now.. C'ya! *goes to Listen to Chemistry*

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