15 June 2006

Stellars Unofficial Random entry

Hello All..:) It's been a long while since I blogged Here.. *Sighs* .. Well I had a few challenging Days because I got sick on Saturday.... During the Sweeden vs. T&T game in Germany.. *T__T Ya that sucked.. Being sick and @ the same time Getting Heart Problems which I don't have by the way watching a Game* Staying up Hours of the morning that even My Most favourite Dude Passed on Numerous occasions... ^.~. * coughs* .. er...I just went on topic there.. sorry.. -.-;
Yeah... Really boring now Just me waiting up on sis again..It's gonna be so hard for me to sleep since I took my daily dose of Java and to top it all off with her Ranting..-_- .. Kinda bummed out but in a good way i shall say...
I'm watching Superman at this moment and it's quite.................... hmm........Crappy!! How could people who See Supermans Face every fucking day can't even Point him out in a fucking Superman outfit ..Geeze..such a Dumbass cartoon.. Best he Shoots everyone.. Story over..... *and yet I still watch that shit..*
um... where was I ? oh Yea.. Soccer!!! You see that Dude in teh Picture?!? yeah him.. *Points* He's Like teh Cutest thing to Pass By since....The other Guy........ Oops Went off again *Blushes* Yea The other Guy.. *coughs* I know Lady Kartel Is gonna Kill meh for saying that Beckham is "the other guy".. *Evil Laugh*
erm...ya Back on teh Warriors case... Thanks to the Great Teachings of
Mr. Leo beenhakker
I know Some of you who are not into Soccer are asking.. "Who?"
Well thanks to Wiki yet again...You'll know who he is

(born August 2, 1942 in Rotterdam) is an international Dutch football coach.

He has been the coach of several prestigious clubs including Ajax, Feyenoord, Real Madrid, Real Zaragoza and América in Mexico. He has also coached the Saudi Arabian and Dutch national teams. Currently he coaches the national team of Trinidad and Tobago. Under Beenhakker's guidance the team managed to qualify for the 2006 World Cup. To popular surprise the team secured a (goalless) draw against Sweden in its first match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

From 2000 to 2003 Beenhakker was Director of Technical Affairs with Ajax. In that period he fired coach Co Adriaanse and replaced him with Ronald Koeman.

""Because he has been active in Spanish football he has the nickname "Don Leo". He is famous for his fondness of cigars."" ---- Dunno where that part comes in but tee-hee..X3

To put it shorter..... A fucking Awsome Dude who Trained them to be Sum Serious Soccer Players!

Well I guess that's all from me again.... Till the next episode


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