18 May 2006

. . . umm

Hello all
Well as you all can Tell I am Slightly huper/bored/crazy at this moment.... I started my Blogspot in firefox and the whole thing is in Japanese.. well not the whole thing since I'm typing in english.. hehe... Well that will be all the english youll be hearing from me..

Yeepaw!!‾‾ は今日私に告げたかだれが作られたナスの食事のお父さんを食べることを行くことを私が病気の昨晩を... 得たので楽しみそうでなかった。ハハ!! erm... よくそれ以外それはかなりよかった... 秒を待ちなさい。。。この事はハハの?!?!?!?!?! を翻訳できる総にとても冷却しなさい! それはその単語* 単語へのポイントを* 翻訳する Ya 健康なBabelfish はである私の新しい親友... 私が私を立てるので福利は世界に天使私が今のためのすべてである騒々しい声lol. を。えー... 有しないことを叫ぶ。そして..X3 まで

. . . .
*coughs* erm..... the translation

'Yeepaw!!~~ Today was not so fun since I got sick last night... who told me to go and eat the eggplant Meal Dad made.. HAHA!! erm... well other than That It was quite good...
Wait a Sec . . . This thing can translate HAHA ?!?!?!?!?! Totally Fucking Cool ! It even translates that word *Points to the word*

Ya well Babel Fish is my new Best Friend... Well being an angel as I stand I shall shout out to the world that I have no Loud voice lol.. er... that will be all for now.. Till then ..X3"

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