19 April 2006

幸せ幸運に行きなさい . . . .I guess

Hello again.. ^_^ I'm kind of not in a Good mood ignoring the fact that i'm sleepy always comming here in the night..XD and ignoring the fact that is is aout 2 days old..>.>

Today was annoying I was typing up stuff for most of teh day..well I fell asleep But *shh..Don't tell anyone.. -_-* Must be Prepared for CXC.. [
The Caribbean Examinations Council or CXC was established in 1972 under Agreement by the Participating Governments in the Area to conduct such examinations as it may think appropriate and award certificates and diplomas on the results of any such examinations so conducted. The Council is empowered to regulate the conduct of any such examinations and prescribe the qualification requirements of candidates and the fees payable by them. consists of the following members:

The Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies;

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana;

Three representatives of the University of the West Indies appointed by the Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, regard being given to the geographic dispersion of the campuses;

One representative of the University of Guyana appointed by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana;

Two representatives appointed by each of the Participating Governments of Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago and one representative appointed by each of the other Participating Governments;

One representative of the teaching profession appointed by each National Committee from among its members.] THANKS WIKI HAHA!!

*coughs* erm... back to my Issues.... Being ready for that takes your vacation /Free time away from doing all of teh Crap you wanted called fun..*cries* CURSE YOU CXC MAKERS!!

Well I'm not supposed to be up now But FEK IT!! Well I guess I'm off now BAI BAI !!

Disclaimer : Being Bored made this User [Masked-Goose /Stellar-Loussier] typed this out.. Pleased be warned that she Will talk to you in Languages she can't Speak.. Thank you

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lady kartel said...

stell yuh gone off yuh rockers or wha? yea tru but a still CURSE U CXC MAKERS!!!!!!!